August 10, 2018

Don’t Be Alarmed by Drug Testing

Drug testing should be a regular routine in schools, at home or the work place.

Drug test do identify if someone is using drugs but today, drug testing can keep preteens, teens and adults from experimenting with or using drugs.   Giving into peer pressure can be reduced if teens have a real reason to say no and if everyone knows drug testing is in place in one area of their life or another.  Drug test can also be informative if a person has addiction issues or not by identifying if someone cannot stay clean even with consequences in place.  The earlier this realization is discovered the sooner your teen or loved one can get help and have a better chance of living a comfortable life substance free. Drug testing can change and possibly save lives because this product can identify prescription medications or illegal substances being abused.   If your teen or loved one shows positive to a drug test, began real conversation and listen to determine reasons for drug use and seek outside help if the problem pursists.  The over the counter 10 panel drug test can identify 5 illegal drugs and 5 most abused prescription controlled substances.  Ask a phamacist or your family doctor if you need more help understanding how to preform or purchase drug tests which can be used as a tool to discourage drug experimentation and abuse. 

  July 23, 2018

Is My Kid Using Drugs or Alcohol?

How to Recognize if Your Kid is Using Drugs and Alcohol that Could Lead to Mental, Physical and Legal Issues.
It is hard to imagine your sweet kid trying drugs and alcohol, but this is a reality happening in many families today.  With illegal drugs and addictive prescription medications so available, there is a flood of substances to abuse and is greatly impacting families.  Due to lack of drug awareness and education among parents, signs and symptoms in preliminary stages of substance abuse are missed.
When parents and kids are not educated about substance abuse and do not have realistic family discussions about the dangers of drug use, greater is the chance a pre-teen or teen will experiment and possibly get hooked on a drug.
There are many substances that kids can abuse and have easy access to such as alcohol in homes, addictive prescription medications such as Adderall, Xanax and Valium, Synthetic drugs also known as “designer drugs”, and illegal street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin. All drugs are available in every town or can be bought on the dark web and because of this easy access, parents must begin talking to their young kids and help them understand the mental and physical damage that is done to a young brain. Discussing addiction as a family to help your kids plan to stay substance free could save much heartache.  By educating and equipping our kids with a way to avoid being pressured into drug experimenting before they reach 6th grade will greatly benefit them.   If your family can start discussing addiction as a disease and understand the impact it has on the whole family the more comfortable your kids will be opening up to you as they get older. 
In addition to great physical and mental dangers of our kids using drugs and alcohol, they increase their chances of having legal charges and jail time when getting involved with drugs and substance abuse.  Legal charges are costly, and probation is a nightmare for teens and parents to manage.  Families should understand what the consequences are for teens who get caught with illegal or prescription-controlled substances on and off school campus.  The more you all know about substance abuse and addiction the better your family will grow.
It is possible even if you spend time talking to your kids they could out of curiosity try drugs or alcohol.  Knowing how to read the signs of early substance abuse can be extremely beneficial to parents and kids.  The earlier you catch drugs use and bring the family together to discuss it, the better chance your kid will have to come clean and stay clean.  A parent guide available called IMAP which stands for I Make A Plan is a simple guide to help parents and educators read the early signs of substance abuse.  Addiction is a brain disease and can happen quickly so being educated and aware of drugs and paraphernalia can help you identify substance abuse and seek help in its early stages. 
  July 09, 2018

Healing Scarred Hearts: The Blog

I began to think about our family, friends, and people of every walk of life who could face painful situations like ours, which led me to believe I must share what I know and what we had to learn the hard way.  That's why I wrote Healing Scarred Hearts, and what motivates me to help others in their search for light after the darkness of addiction. Through the blog, I hope to expand my mission by offering more resources and support to more families; I look forward to connecting with you.   —Susán Hoemke