September 29, 2018

Parents, Be Able to Recognize Substance Abuse, Drug Use and Addiction in Your Home

It is a good idea to look for unexpected items that can signal substance abuse so look around your kids room, check pant pockets, jacket pockets and their car for drug paraphernalia. The earlier parents are able to recognize drug related items minimizes the impact on the kid and the family.   Being educated and aware of all types of drug abuse is smart even if you believe no one in your home would abuse substances.  There are many choices of substances to abuse in any town or city and easy for your kid to buy or be given.  The IMAP (I Make a Plan)  info graphic is an easy first step to help guide you as you raise your family. Substance abuse and addiction can turn a happy home into a dark dwelling place. Being able to recognize and openly address drug use will benefit your family and save heartache.  Spending a little time educating yourself about substance abuse, drug use and addiction could save lives.  Drug use and substance abuse includes prescription medications such as Opioid pain relievers.

  September 11, 2018

Combination of Genes and Environment Influence Substance Abuse and Addiction

The disease of addiction is complicated but research has found that certain genetic traits and factors can increase or decrease substance abuse by individuals.  Certain biological differences influence the reaction one person might have which differ from another when using addictive substances.  Environment also is a component of substance abuse by how easily addictive substances can be found or bought.  When substance abuse and dependency is not recognized in its early stages, the more difficult the situation becomes.  Because addiction is a disease influenced by genetics and environment, we must remove the stigma, shame and silence of being an addict to open the door for more recovery and sobriety for the ones we love.      

  August 27, 2018

Grieve the Loss and Reach for the Beautiful Memories to Heal Your Heart


For some of us, the beautiful memories of the one we love are as close as yesterday. For many others, watching their loved one battle a disease or mental illness can be painful and stressful during those months or years causing much heartache before the one we love passes on.  We all must allow ourselves to fully grieve and mourn a loss because working through the pain will allow us to use the beautiful memories to heal.  An important step during this process is to let go of guilt and blame because the one you love is at peace therefore you too can be at peace.   Your loved one would want to be remembered for the joy they brought you not the pain because they were a beautiful spirit trapped in an ill body.  Take a deep breath, reach for the beautiful memories to help heal your broken heart and know there is happy healthy life after a loss.